The series of elbows
  Pipe cap series
  The template pipe series
  Tees Crosses series
  Flanges series
  Socket pipe fittings
  Flanging pup series
  Pipe material series
  Corrugated compensator

The goals:Quality has the priority.We are endeavored to compete the NO.1in this industry.Fidelity and credit is regarded as fundamental.And serve fo clients sincerely.

Quality guideline:Regard"Quality is life"as the foundation.Manufacture the product with real materials and under a strict inspection of quality.
Management guideline:Development is the everlasting sub ject of the company.Fidelity and credit is the fundamental reason for development of the company.
Methods of management:Everything has its rules.Everything has its evidences.Find reasons from ourselves.Everything has is own reasons and effects.

The qualification of employee:They are diligent in thinking and studying.Study the knowledge in order to apply it.They are enterprising and be ready to exceed themselves.Love their job and make contribution to it.The are all doer with earnest attitude for work and endeavor most to their common career.

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